Path of Sage

Welcome to the "Path of Sage" experience.

Your mission is to find the golden “STREET GOD” sculpture hidden somewhere within this Vorld to win a real, 1 of 1 version of the golden sculpture made by Sage. Here's what you need to do:

- Explore the Vorld by walking, running, and jumping.

- Once you find the sculpture, take a screenshot by hitting "C" with your avatar, and the “STREET GOD” sculpture clearly visible. Share it on Instagram, tagging @sage_ozo & @vorldsofficial with #sagexvorlds.

- Only one entry will be valid per user.

- On 31st of May, a winner will be selected via randomizer and announced as a live event inside the Vorld.


In a world that’s ruled by new tastes, new trends, and new subcultures, ‘Street God’ is an attempt at reimagining the gods befitting the times. Hip Hop, Anime, Streetwear, and Sneakers are not just niche subcultures anymore. Each of these has morphed into a massive phenomenon with feverish followers, larger-than-life icons, and dedicated lexicons of motifs, expressions, and jargon. For many, they are a way of life. For many, they are a religion.

Visual artist SAGE looks at this complex, endlessly fascinating web and poses a simple question: if these were a religion, what would their god look like? Street God is an answer born out of his love for street culture and the passion of those who live and breathe it every moment of their lives.

SAGE is a Mumbai-based streetwear designer, visual artist, and creative director. He loves exploring the realms of hip-hop, anime, mythology, and streetwear and tracing their influence on our norms, beliefs, and realities - across cultures and geographies. Of late, these explorations and experiments have found expression in 'Path of Sage', a set of creations ranging from sculptures and public art projects to accessories and collectibles. SAGE is the Co-Creator of OZO, one of India’s first streetwear brands, and also the Co-Founder and Chief Curator of Floating Canvas Company, an art venture with a focus on making contemporary art and artists more accessible.



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