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BYND-REALITY, the pioneering force in Indyverse's 3D Fashion Experience, is dedicated to redefining the fashion engagement and experience through 3D innovation and immersive metaverse exploration. Our core focus is on building a f...

Foresight by Yash Pradhan


Step into the immersive realm of "Foresight" by Yash Pradhan who is an independent Visual Artist, Illustrator & Designer based in Bombay, India. He has been creating for over 6+ years and finds himself constantly inspired by ...

ISRO's Chandrayaan 3


🇮🇳🚀🌕 Immersive experience dedicated to ISRO's landmark achievement, the Chandrayaan 3 mission! This virtual world is a must-visit for space enthusiasts like us, who are captivated by the wonders of outer space and India's incr...



Experience our brand new immersive metaverse gallery "Artbode" featuring a handpicked selection of artwork from our platform! Create your own unique avatar and enter this 3D metaverse to discover fun, exploratory ways to interact ...

Lenovo | Intel - Brave New Art


Two artists, one mission - creating Brave New Art!Experience an immersive world like no other with Santanu Hazarika and MC Heam 🙌🏽This immersive Vorld was created in collaboration with Vorlds Studio for episode 2 of the "Brave N...

Toy Rooms


Toy Rooms by Amrit Pal is a collection of iconic rooms on the blockchain created one at a time. Amrit Pal Singh is a visual artist, 3D illustrator, and art director who revels in play, world cinema, and the occasional side of frie...

Path of Sage


Welcome to the "Path of Sage" experience.Your mission is to find the golden “STREET GOD” sculpture hidden somewhere within this Vorld to win a real, 1 of 1 version of the golden sculpture made by Sage. Here's what you need to do:-...

Systems™ by Kunel Gaur


Method presents (Systems)™ by Kunel Gaur opened at Stir (Delhi) on 9th Feb 2023 as an India Art Fair Parallel Event. The exhibit is now available as a virtual experience right here on Vorlds.With his second solo exhibition with Me...

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